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The Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS) Metadata Standard is a set of descriptive properties which government departments and agencies must use to improve the visibility and availability of online resources.

Why must I?

AGLS is published as Australian Standard (AS) 5044-2010 and was approved by the Council of Standards Australia on 5 May 2010 and published on 30 June 2010.

The 2010 revision supersedes AS 5044-2002: AGLS Metadata Element Set and is renamed the AGLS Metadata Standard. This revised version takes into account changes introduced by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) in January 2008. It also makes technical changes to support linked data and Semantic Web projects, recognising that the internet is no longer just a medium for publishing human-readable documents.

Harvest Control Lists are not required. The National Archives of Australia and AGIMO rescinded this requirement in 2006.

What must I do?

Ensure that resources hosted on agency websites with metadata use the mandatory minimum set of AGLS properties for the Australian Government. Consider other metadata properties (e.g. function, subject, type) and content resources (e.g. services, forms, media releases) for inclusion as required.

Frequently asked questions and answers regarding the application of metadata can be found at Applying the AGLS metadata standard in Australian Government agencies – frequently asked questions (FAQs) page of the National Archives of Australia web site.

How do I?

The Better Practice Checklist Use of metadata for web resources (archived) provides guidance on how to implement the AGLS Metadata Standard.

Last Reviewed: 2012-09-03