Required Information

Caretaker conventions
In the period preceding an election, the Australian Government assumes a caretaker role. During this time there are a number of restrictions on what the Australian Government may do.
Contract reporting requirements
Under Senate Continuing Order No.9, agencies are required to list a range of contracts on their agency website.
Agencies need to limit any liability from subsequent use of information by including a disclaimer on their websites.
Documents tabled in Parliament
All documents that have been tabled in Parliament are to be published online.
File lists
Under Senate Continuing Order No.8 agencies must publish an indexed list of relevant files every six months on their agency website.
Providing forms online can provide benefits to the public and to Government agencies
Online Content Requirements
Agencies are required to publish a range of public accountability information on their agency website.
References to the Australian Government
Reference should be made to the ‘Australian Government’ and not the ‘Commonwealth Government’ or the ‘Federal Government’.

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