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  1. Types of Content

    Many government websites are using audio visual material on their sites as a method of communication. - 15k - Cached

  2. RSS

    recent videos, audio or images (Media RSS). If you are creating this type of content, consider providing it as an RSS feed to keep visitors informed after they leave your site. - 17k - Cached

  3. Online video – Technical considerations

    Codecs and formats. Developers may choose to provide the same audio / video content in multiple formats, at varying quality levels, to ensure maximum playability across target audiences and target devices. ... Mature video platforms are typically able to - 23k - Cached

  4. Online video – Case studies

    Approach:. Susan s web team produces a detailed screencast of the sign-up procedure, complete with captioning, audio descriptions, narration, on-screen directions and sign language variants. ... Several versions of the screencast are professionally - 21k - Cached

  5. 1.4. Capability Assessment

    Time-Based Media formats. The term ‘time-based media’usually refers to content that is audio-only, video-only or a combination of audio and video. ... It can also refer to animation and interactive content. The most common forms of time-based media - 29k - Cached

  6. Online video

    Many government websites are using audio visual material on their sites as a method of communication. This content outlines the risks and benefits of using videos. - 20k - Cached

  7. Publishing Public Sector Information

    audio/visual recordings of events. - 33k - Cached

  8. 1.2. Accessibility Conformance Testing

    online media (interactive or audio-visual content). complete processes (i.e. every step or page in a series, such as completing and submitting a multi-step online form, or logging into - 32k - Cached

  9. Online video – Business considerations

    Online videos are a valuable tool and can be used very effectively to promote messages. However, the terms of use of some of third party online video providers conflict with government obligations and practice. These difficulties are not - 25k - Cached

  10. Government 2.0 tools

    Media distribution. Public sector agencies produce a vast range of media in the process of their work video, audio and still photography are a valuable resource that can be shared and - 47k - Cached

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